August 23, 2018

2018-19 Academic Year Opportunities

Project Call to Western Partners

Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies is seeking applied-project ideas that address western land or water issues related to conservation, stewardship, or land management. We invite western partners to submit project ideas by August 19, 2019 for student research assistants using this link.

UHPSI will hire graduate and undergraduate students to work as research assistants during the next academic year (September 2019 – May 2020). Student research assistants are paired up with a western partner in need of help on a western land or water project, and UHPSI staff provide supervision and mentorship to the students while they work to complete a conservation deliverable for the partner. Students typically work 3-5 hours/week during September-May to complete the deliverable or research for the partner(s). All student work is done remotely. This experience allows western partners to further their work while providing students with a learning experience. To see examples of projects completed last year please visit our website.

Please keep in mind that partners must be willing to provide student(s) with guidance and feedback throughout the project, which will require at least a minimum of 4 remote calls (likely more). Regular communication between partners and students ensures the deliverable meets partner expectations and that the student(s) have the opportunity to engage fully in the project.

 The most successful projects:

  • involve not just technical work, but allow the student(s) to be involved in big picture thinking
  • are the appropriate size/scope for a student or 2-3 students to complete during Sept-May while working 3-5 hours a week. (Keep in mind that students have winter break, spring break, and classes so there will be lulls in the work.)
  •  have clear goals and objectives from the beginning
  • have a specific deliverable 
  •  allow the student to complete all work remotely

If you would like to submit a project idea and work with a student or small group of students, please complete the following survey for each project idea by August 19. It is not a guarantee that your project will be selected or that we will find a student that is a good match, but we will try. 


Student Opportunities

Ucross has the ability to hire a number of student Research Assistants (or Independent Study) to work on applied projects with our stewardship partners in the West. Please come talk with Michelle to find out more (office hours here).

Applications for RA positions are due on Thursday, September 12th 2019.