March 9, 2020

Current Research

Understanding the Impacts and Implications of Rural Gentrification in the American West Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative
Many amenity towns in the Western United States are struggling with rapid in-migration and its corresponding impacts on natural resources, socioeconomic inequality, and community culture and character. In partnership with Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative (NRCC), and through conversations with stakeholders and analysis of spatial trends and media coverage, the project team is examining the impacts and implications of rural gentrification for local government policies, local conservation NGOs, and the agricultural industry. Read more…

Improving Restoration Funding for Working Lands in Colorado
Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust
The Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) is exploring the development of an internally managed Agricultural Resiliency Fund to provide landowners with support for projects that contribute to the long term operational, ecological, and economic viability of conserved farm and ranchland, as well as wildlife habitat. Our student team is researching sustainable finance models and fund structures to inform the development and implementation of this new resiliency fund. Read more…

Wildlife-Friendly  Ranching in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies University of Pittsburgh
Rory Jacobson and Anna-Sophia Haub are working with partners at the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, and the University of Pittsburgh to study ranchers’ perspectives on conservation and wildlife management in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. To understand the economic, social, and cultural drivers behind these perceptions and management strategies, they are conducting formal qualitative interviews with experts, ranchers, and beef certifiers. This research will assist in identifying  and understanding potential opportunities to support ranchers who wish to implement more wildlife management strategies with their ranching operation. Read more…