FAQ for Student Research Assistants

Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative typically hires students, undergrad to PhD, to work as paid research assistants during September/October-May to complete conservation work for a western partner. This program is referred to as our Research Assistant program. The projects are selected by UHPSI staff and will be advertised early in the semester. Student applications for position(s) are typically due around mid-September. Below are some FAQ students have about our program:

How many hours per week do students work? Are you paid?

Typically, students work 3-8 hours a week on projects. Some weeks may require 1 hour of work, while others require 8. These are paid positions that typically pay $15/hour.

Is the work completed remotely?

Yes, all work is complete remotely by students. Communication with partners takes place via email, calls, or zoom.  Due to Covid-19, weekly or biweekly check-ins with Michelle are likely to be done via zoom or another remote platform. 

Will I work alone or on a team?

Most projects will be tackled by 2-3 students. However, occasionally we have a student work solo on a project. All students will receive mentorship and guidance from UHPSI staff and their western partner along the way.

How much will project partners be available?

This can vary between projects and partners. At a minimum, partners are available for a phone call every month, but most are more available and exchange emails or calls biweekly. 

Can I get involved for just 1 semester?

We ask that research assistants take projects on for the full-academic year with an end date of May 2020.

Can one of these projects become my summer experience?

This may be possible. Please discuss this with Michelle Downey.